martedì 8 gennaio 2008

Un Network molto simile a MondoCibo ma in Inglese

Ecco il nostro gemello inglese.

FoodNetwork By

Come al solito inseriamo un bel bannerino che segnala la nostra presenza all'interno del network

By CakeItaly

Se volete iscrivere il vostro blog in inglese ecco il link
Di seguito vi riporto le ultime notizie di FOOD NETWORK
In high school I hung out with a group of kids who dug through trashcans. They all lived in a house in the middle of nowhere in Durham, North Carolina, where drum circles, piercings, blowing fire by spitting lighter fluid into something flammable... read more
A Lucid Spoonful
We decided to buy a domain and now we move to read more
Dessert Blog
A very funny cake sent us by a Italian readers of our new blog. We decide to use this picture like a Brand, infact we use it in the Entrecard Network : look in the sidebar. We can call it: Crazy and sweet COW. read more
Miso is a paste made by fermenting rice, barley or soybeans with salt and a mold. In Philippine cuisine, it is used for the dipping sauce that accompanies pesa . It is also used for sinigang . Kanduli , a relative of the hito (catfish) is traditi... read more
Pinoy Cook - Filipino food, cooking and recipes blog
Batter up for True Love...hit a home run to Matrimony with a topper that reflects your favorite team!! ...and it can be any team, for him and for her...just "pitch" your ideas/details/concepts over to [link] where we will be ple... read more
custom wedding cake toppers
This is a really simple recipe I came up with this week whilst doing Phase I of the South Beach Diet. I was aiming for something like Wendy's Asian Chicken Salad in taste and texture. Since finding 1kg bags of raw and de-veined large tiger prawns ... read more
The Humble Housewife
My first post in 2008 is about my nomination for Best Food Blog 2008. I hope that you will support me by voting for CakeJournal! :-) You have to register in order to vote, but once you do you can also nominate your favorite blogs. Please vote for ... read more
This recipe is SO GOOD!? The Granny Smith apples really give a tart freshness that calls out, "This is the way apple pie should always taste!" There's pie crust on the bottom and a crumble on the top, with hot apple goodness in between.? Below yo... read more
Simple Daily Recipes
After some long months of renovation, this place finally took over a small shop selling waffles (at least since the last time I've been to Hong Kong). This franchise of Marion Crepes comes all the way from Harujuku in Japan where they set up their... read more
Mug Eat Blog - A Singapore Food Blog
It’s not enough to call a certain dish “hummus” for it to become hummus. If I had a nickel for every strange looking hummus I saw, I would probably have some… 20 bucks by now. When I say “pseudo hummus” I refer to dishes which may look like hummus... read more
The Hummus Blog
For a healthy diet, it is recommended to eat fish at least twice per week. Try this fantastically healthy and delicious recipe of pan-cooked tilapia filets, blended with rich garlic, red onion, olive oil, pine nuts, finished with basil and white ... read more
Grapes of Passion
It's the Ibanag's daughter's birthday tomorrow January 9. But first, she's in Manila for her usual holiday vacation from Jakarta. So today she takes me out for lunch and for a change she tells me let's eat seafood, Mommy. Okey, I say. She doesn't... read more
ibanag cooking and other things
Pink Cake Box will be closed for vacation during the week of Jan 7th. In the meantime, to satisfy you cake cravings we’ve put together a list of our top cakes from 2007 based on traffic. Thanks for making 2007 a success! #1 - Corpse Bride Wedding... read more
Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more
This cake is much easier to make than it looks! Select your cake pans You will need at least four, maybe five cake pans. I used a 9 in., 8 in., and two smaller baking dishes. However, the size of your cake will vary depending on how many people y... read more
Simple Cake Decorating
All new posts will be made on Cake Magic . Same site, with a new name! We'll see you there! read more
Cake Fun
Ingredients:- Biscuits 1 Pack (Any square or rectangle biscuits) Butter 6 TBsp Icing Sugar 1-2 TBsp Cocoa Powder 1 TBsp Method:- Beat the butter in two separate bowls. Mix icing sugar in both. Mix Cocoa powder in one bowl. Spread white butter mix... read more
Moon's Delicious Desserts
S o I am so sorry this has been so long in coming! To say it has been crazy in my household is an understatement. Alas though I have found the time to sit down and share this recipe with everyone. This is a recipe was a huge success! Everyone who... read more
sweet sundays
Coconut Barfi recipe ingredients:- (dessert recipe)Milk - 1 cup Coconut (shelled and grated) - 1Green cardamom - 2-3Ghee - 2 tbsp Sugar - 2 cup... more from dessertrecipe... read more
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Chocolate coffee cake recipe ingredients: 350 grams graham cracker crumbs 200 grams confectioner’s sugar 100 grams dark chocolate, melted 16 tablespoons cold coffee Coconut filling recipe ingredients: 100 grams confectioner’s sugar 3 tablespoons ... read more
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